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Mental math and mathematical fact knowledge are key components in the process of achieving math fluency. MathShed makes the acquisition of these key skills fun and engaging for students and easy to plan for teachers.

Designed by a team of teachers, MathShed helps students build speed and accuracy with math facts that are required in order to meet most standards and assessments.

The game aspect of MathShed ensures children are engaged and eager to practice critical math skills. The low-stakes games, quizzes and reward systems ensure that children find learning math fun. The games can be played in class or assigned as practice outside of the classroom, making them perfect for in-school learning, homework or a hybrid model.

Our Platform


Teaching Slides (coming soon)

Our teaching slides will be standards based and take a whole-class approach, some of the key features offered include:

  • Fully-resourced
  • Complete curriculum coverage
  • Practical tasks
  • Worksheets or worksheet-free teaching options
  • Designed for whole-class teaching and learning with inbuilt differentiation and extension ideas
  • Prepared tasks for whole class instruction and practice
  • Concrete-pictorial-abstract approach applying micro-differentiation

Math Fluency

Math fluency is the automatic recall of basic math facts. When students develop this level of automaticity with basic math facts they have attained a level of mastery that enables them to recall these facts with little effort on their part, allowing them to access tasks requiring more complex mathematical reasoning with greater ease and success.

Students develop math fluency with our variety of engaging games. Skill areas include multiplication facts, number bonds, powers of ten, and addition and substitution.



Using the EdShed system teachers can assign math fluency games and monitor the students progress during the assignment period. Teachers will be able to see what level of difficulty a student has been working at, fluency rate and more.


MathShed subscribers are provided a competency graph for fluency skills, such as number bonds and multiplication facts, via the EdShed Teacher Hub. The data shows the students' fluency progress with each specific skill. In addition, teachers are able to view students progress with weekly assignments, level of difficulty that the student has been working at and a history of game plays.


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