MathShed provides teaching tools that follow and complement White Rose Maths as well as a comprehensive range of online games and learning tools

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MathShed resources are used widely at our school. Children love the interactive and competitive nature of the fluency games. David Keyte, Teacher

Mental maths and mathematical fact knowledge are key components in the process of achieving maths fluency.

The game aspect of MathShed ensures children are engaged and eager to practise critical maths skills. The low-stakes games, quizzes and reward systems ensure that children find learning maths fun. The games can be played in class or assigned as practice outside of the classroom, making them perfect for in-school learning, homework or a hybrid model.

Digital Learning

Number Bonds

An intro to our Digital Learning

Number Bonds

Teaching Slides

Our mastery teaching slides are fully aligned with White Rose and other mastery curricula and take a whole-class approach, some of the key features offered include:

  • Fully-resourced
  • Complete curriculum coverage
  • Practical tasks
  • Worksheets or worksheet-free teaching options
  • Designed for whole-class teaching and learning with inbuilt differentiation and extension ideas
  • Prepared tasks for whole class instructions and practice
  • Concrete-pictorial-abstract approach applying micro-differentiation
  • Each teaching slide is complemented by CPA style digital question sets, fluency games and digital lessons to support and reinforce whole-class teaching


Use our system to track and assess pupils' maths skills and knowledge. Our content includes arithmetic fluency games, self-marking quiz content for every White Rose small step and assessments for each term and block. Digital E-Lessons can also be used to deliver small step content to pupils as a tool to pre-teach, deliver remote learning or for intervention.

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